Epic Prank Leaves Lahore in Fits Of Laughter

Just what we needed in the middle of the week. Take a break from work and spare some time for this hilarious video by Lahorified which left us in fits of laughter.

One of their team members disguised himself in a spirit wandering on the streets of Lahore during late hours and had people scared out of their mind. Thumbs up for the actor in disguise who even lay on the road to scare the bikers, which by the way was risky for both the actor and biker. The video has had over 1000 views in a few hours. It Received  applause from majority of the viewers but there was some criticism as well pointing out the safety issues for the bikers. This, however, should be noted that the prank was targeted on the younger men, mostly hanging out with their friends.

Nonetheless it was something that left in fits of laughter. My mom thought I had gone mad laughing like a maniac while staring at my phone until I showed her this!

Video: Give it a watch at and don’t forget to follow Lahorified for some more:

 The Scary Prank Lol