Enjoy Jazz Cricket App This PSL Season

With PSL (Pakistan Super League) round the corner, with players’ energies brimming, with the cricket fans warming up to the exciting matches, we have an amazing cricket app to talk about : Jazz Cricket

Cricket kaheen bhi kabhi bhi”

With the PSL season and fever just a few days away, this app will be the cricket fans’ true companion providing full cricket coverage. The app offers the ultimate cricket experience through its various features.

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If you are stuck in traffic, busy in an office meeting, attending university but still want to stay up to date with cricket related news, fret no more on missing out because this Jazz cricket app will come in handy.

Latest cricket news

The interesting thing: there will be updated videos of the fours and sixes you might have missed during your busy routine.


Score updates, match schedules, compiled video clips of matches are the main features of the app.

Another good thing about the app is that it will give notifications before a new match is going on air. This way you can keep a tab on the match schedules.

Live score

A comprehensive scoreboard will allow you to know the detailed performance of your favourite or least favourite player.


So if you are hanging out with friends or colleagues, unable to watch the match or even worse have to accompany family to a wedding; live match board feature of the app allows you to check on the score every now and then.

Match board

The app is well thought out; in a way that the cricket fans can always catch up with the scores, match schedules, video clips of some amazing moments. The app has a user friendly layout and easy on the eyes beautiful design.

No TV,  no cable?  Then this app is the answer for the cricket die hard fans who cannot afford to miss updates on their favourite game.