Eight Things Going To Happen in 2018 According To The Man Who Predicted Donald Trump And Brexit:


The World is just about to step in 2018, which is just a few days away. A self- appointed psychic, Craig Hamilton-Parker thinks he already knows what exactly the coming year is about to hold. He has earlier predicted about some substantial development in Geo-politics. His chief predictions include Brexit and the 2016 elections in the United States.

Predictions About 2018:

He predicted following events in his YouTube video which he thinks are going to happen in the 2018.

  • Mass Strikes in Britain

    Strikes in Britain

  • Kim Jong-un will be over-thrown

    North Korea

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement will be officially announced ( well this prediction has already turned into reality)

    Harry Engaement

  • A volcano will erupt near Naples


  • A large chunk of Antarctica continent will break away

  • More terrorist attacks

    Terrotist Attakcs

  • A warship of the U.S will sink

    ship sunk

  • Donald Trump will successfully through an impeachment attempt


Hamilton- Parker further said that despite this gloomy list of events, 2018 will also hold some good moments.

“2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather.


Many of the above predictions are pretty gloomy but I feel that there will be a simultaneous growth in spirituality for the people of the world that will now start to lead us into a Golden Age.


Conflict and hardship plus growing environmental problems will bring good people together and ignite a desire to seek the true purpose of human life.”