Eight Passenger Types That Flight Attendants Dislike

There are unforeseen challenges flight attendants face on daily basis. Some are routine based issues, some are minor but there are some which really need creativity and present-mindedness to sort them out. Sometimes underpaid and overworked flight staff just do their job. This particular article talks about eight passenger types that flight attendants dislike.


1. Exceptionally challenged People

Passengers come in all sizes and all shapes. But airplane seats don’t! Actual seats don’t cater for oversized people. In some exceptional cases, heavy people book two seats. But alas, tall people don’t have a leverage to amend airplane heights. So, if you are too heavy or too long, flight attendants may not like you, as it demands special assistance.


2. A group of young people

Being too energetic, being too annoyed, being too noisy and party guys become the obvious reason why flight attendants are always insecure form this batch of passengers. They usually demand too much alcohol and freedom in confined space. Selfie syndrome is so common in this category. And they easily compromise flight safety and flight attendants’ job.


3. Parents

Let’s be honest! Parents are not even less annoying than a baby or a toddler. They are onboard with a same disciplinary mindset that they uphold or ‘wish’ to prevail in their workplace or homes. Parents are often the ones to be blamed rather than they blame other kids or flight staff for the cabin of being too much noisy or messy.

4. Middle age schoolers

This category belongs to the teenagers who are between elementary schools and high schools. This group usually starts to test the patience limits of flight staff. They are usually found to indulge in many accidents while on a school trip or on the way to attend some seminar or workshop. Like opening emergency doors, damaging audio/video systems, detrimental behavior with airplane seats, breaking windows and keep on buzzing buttons are some to deal with.

5. First class DADS

There is another category of first-class dads who spend more to get more. To get more extra miles, privileged services and some peaceful time, leaving their wives and children in an economy class. Flight attendants confess that the biggest challenge is when a father puts himself in 1st class, leaving his family behind. Thus, become a source of flight attendants’ hate.


There are almost such samples in every flight who tend to be over smart. I am talking about those who practice Our flight, Our rules phenomenon. They are always in rush. They want to eat and drink more, and frequently, and even expect a five-star hotel menu. That one guy who enters the cabin with a bossy attitude and treat flight attendants as his slave.

7. NEEDY People

Such category is also not scarce to find on flights who always look for something. They might don’t want to give comfort or a minute of peaceful sitting to flight attendants. A cozy pillow, another quilt, smaller ice cubes, a fizzy drink, a specific brand of chocolate, one more black coffee, turn off heating, and urghhh… the list goes on.

8. The Cling on

Flight attendants are on their duty. It is like their office. They are not meant to be there to amuse you. They are not a joker, not a physical object to touch or tease, or your girlfriend to share your everyday dramatic stories, story of your stocks or business losses.

Just because you pay for the flight, doesn’t mean that you buy all flight attendants’ rights too. It doesn’t mean you can step over one’s personal fundamental boundaries. Everyone knows in which category they fall and they might not need to reveal here. But think about it. Travel Responsibly.

Have a safe flight!


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