Are You Eating Too Much Salt???

How many of you hear yourself saying ‘aj khanay mai namak kum hai?’ / ‘The food is bland, there is no salt’ 

If you do then stop. The women in your house might be saving you from a long term slow brain activity.

And if you often complain of too much salt in your meals, well then this is a good read for you and your family.

We all know from research that too much salt or too much of sugar isn’t good for health. Sugar leads to diabetes and increased salt intake causes high blood pressure. But there is more.

The salt affects your brain activity over time along with causing harm to your heart and BP.  Nature Neuroscience published a study revealing that mice fed a high salt diet showed signs of declined mental performance. Their activities were monitored after giving them a high salt diet, which showed impaired cognitive skills. Over time the brain was starving of blood due to the increase in salt.

Mice are very active and curious. With time they showed slowed maze solving skills. There was a increased circulation of interleukin 17, a substance that changes chemical signals in brain’s blood vessels. After a period of 3 months, the mice became demented!


 A similar kind of changes could occur in human body as well. Previous research has shown that salty diet can lead to loss of brain function over time. However, a general belief is that salt affects blood pressure and heart.
It is time to review our diet.
So next time there is less salt in the dinner, do not complain to your wives. And if you keep salt and pepper shakers on your dining table, it is time to take them away. Better safe than sorry!


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