Drone saved Lives

Manmade devices would be excelled to such an extent that they would actually be saving lives seems so strange to date. One such example is recently seen where drone saved lives of two swimmers in New South Wales, North Coast.

Aankh jo kuch dekhti hai, lab pe aaskta nahi

Mehve herat hun kay dunya kia se kia hojae gi

Whatever the eye is seeing cannot be described by the lips
I am lost in amazement as to what the world will become!

(Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

It was a Worlds first rescue where Governments’ drone saved lives of two troubled youngsters brushed out by sea. An incident took place in the surf of the coast of Lennox Head, near Byron Bay in northern NSW. It is interesting to note that when an incident took place, lifeguards were busy in taking training. It was about to get accustomed themselves to the drones.

Drone saved Lives
Via AU News

At 11.30 am local time, a citizen pointed out that the twosome was in trouble in the three meters depth. And was asking for lifeguards.

Lifeguard, Jai Sheridan, who was also the 2017 NSW lifeguard of the year, decided to practice the training session very well by steering the drones against the swimmers.

“The lifeguard in this scenario got the Little Ripper drone up in the air and guided it down the beach,” said Prime Minister Niall Blair on Thursday.

With the help of the drone, the lifeguard could detect the swimmers and then release the rescue pod in the water. Below are pictures captured by the drone shows the Pod expansion so that both swimmers can reach it and grab hold of the device to help them stay afloat.

Drone saved Lives

Drone saved Lives
Via AU News

Both swimmers could use the pod to reach the beach, where they were met by a lifeguard from Lennox Head who had chosen for the task. The two boys, aged 16 and 17 were showing signs of fatigue, but luckily flew injuries.

The NSW government announced that it would invest $ 430,000 in drone technology. It was announced In December 2017.

“This is the world’s first rescue. This was an extraordinary rescue with the best possible results” said Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro.

Never before has a drone, equipped with a flotation device, been used to save swimmers like this.

“It’s quite unbelievable that the NSW government’s investment in this technology has already resulted in two people saving their lives,” he said.

It took little more than a minute for “Little Ripper” to travel a mile from where the divers were located. A similar task, performed by a lifeguard, could have taken up to six times delay.

Well done Man!

Very Well done Drone!

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