Don’t Miss The News Anchors Fight Video Going Viral

Workplace, colleagues and the work pressure gets to everyone’s head once in a while. The same happened with the two news anchors of a private channel here in Pakistan. They seemed to have gotten on each other’s nerves which led to an argument between them. It not only got recorded but also went viral.

The 30 second video is hilarious!

The news anchors are clearly not happy with each other. The male news reader is complaining about his female colleague to a production team member behind the camera. While the co anchor is equally exasperated at his behavior.

While the man protests “kaise bulltein karunga mai iske saath?” (How can I do news bulletin with her), the young woman responds by saying ”Jahil” (ill mannered) under her breath.  But this is her last comment to his attitude towards her. She initially asked him to speak properly to her which went unnoticed.

It seems rather clear that the male news anchor is more aggressive in his tone and words towards his colleague which does seem a little unprofessional.

During the 30 second grab of the fight, the man also said, “Is ke maslay hi nahi khatam hotay.” (Her problems/ issues never get over)

Well we wonder what ‘maslay‘ ?

What must have been a serious matter to these news anchors has become hilarious for the rest.

But don’t worry, this is not the first time media people have been caught on camera in bad moods and fights. Around the world journalists and news anchors have had moments like these where they just could not help but lose their tempers.

Check the video here