Do You Remember This BAJI From ‘Baji Khana Khila Do’?

Its a matter of common observation that when you have less resources, your creativity does wonders. This is because you need something to attract others. That “something” is mostly not material, because beginners do not have much capital, so they bring in their best of creativity. This is what I witnessed in my childhood on watching VJ.

There was this team of youngsters, some of them we still see on screens. Ahmad Ibraheem, Ahsan Raheem, Amna Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Irfan Kiyani and Nini along with many other talented people. They were fresh, energetic and had excellent sense of humour.

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One of the segment was done by Faisal Qureshi with name of Baji Khana Khila do. What an actor he is… Unfortunately I could find only one video of this legendary cooking show, here it is,

Thats how you cook Tarbooz ki Paalak, lol. There were many other items too. The program is not around anymore but I am sure whoever watched it once, would remember it for the rest of his life.