Do You Know What Arshad Khan “Chai Wala” Is Doing These Days???

The coloured eyes sensation, Arshad Khan was the talk of the town few months back. He was spotted on a Chai ki dukaan by a photographer. He took his photo, that went viral on social media due his exceptionally good looks. And yes, he became a model, and enjoyed over night fame. The fairy tale became true.

Arshad khan chai wala
Via Indiatimes
Arshad Khan chai wala
Via Business Recorder
Arshad Khan chai wala
Via Cubanos Guru

After that, social media went silent about him, and no one knew what he is doing currently or anything about his modelling career. However recently he has uploaded a video on social media saying that he has joined his family business.

We wish Arshad Khan all the very best for whatever he does…