Do We Need Another Zainab To Send Saadat Bashir Behind Bars?

We have been hearing about the case of Saadat Bashir, the invigilator who molested 80 girls during biology practical in Bahria College. In addition he threatened to deduct their marks if they opened their mouth. Since the time Saba Ali disclosed this harassment through social media, the online community has been crying for justice. Alas it has resulted in nothing!

There are many big question marks about our legal system. Firstly why do we need a BIG BANG to bring a matter into the eyes of our mainstream media or rule of law? Then, when we catch the culprit, we congratulate the system and that’s it.

Why don’t we punish the culprit? We all are witnessing the increasing pedophilia around us. People are speaking about it because situation is getting out of hands. It is not a fight of feminism or antifeminism, its about security of our kids and young adults.

In Zainab murder case, a very respectable LUMS professor Taimur Rehman urged to analyse the life of pedophiles, that something wrong would have happened to them in their childhood. Later in case of Imran Ali it became true.

Then people demanded worst punishment for him to make an example out of him for rest of the potential criminals; if you do wrong you cannot get away with it. But we do not know what’s happening in his case now.

Now we have 80 testimonies against Saadat Bashir, but it is still not enough to take attention of mainstream media or rule of law.

Schools and colleges are places where parents do not feel hesitant in sending their children but even these are not safe now.

What is stopping these authorities from taking solid action? Is this matter not that important and we are supposed to become used to it?