Dinner at Arizona Grill & Fun at Chunky Monkey Took Lives of Two Innocents

Life is uncertain,  a common phrase we listen every second day. Being Muslims we believe in it too. However experiencing it is surely heart wrenching.

Was the EXPIRED MEAT at Arizona Grill caused death of Children???

arizona grill

A sad incident took place in Karachi when a mother took her two kids, 1.5 years and 5 years old, Ahmed and Mohammad to have a fun day out. First the family went to play land, Chunky Monkey and then to a renowned restaurant Arizona Grill. On coming back home one of the children felt like throwing up, but he was given milk and then went to sleep. On the unfortunate morning, the younger kid was brought to the hospital DEAD and the elder kid died within 35 minutes after coming to hospital. The mother is still under treatment. All three victims had been diagnosed of food poisoning.

Waiter DIED of Customer’s Misbehaviour! Where is humanity? 

It is more probable that the food at Arizona Grill had something poisonous in that because its common sense that mother would not have eaten sweets at Chunky Monkey, as she is critical too. However Arizona Grill administration has said,

arizona grill

The dead bodies are being sent for postmortem to confirm the root cause f death.

Dining out in good restaurants is BIG TREAT these days. If a family of four goes to a restaurant like Arizona Grill, they can easily have bill of 3500-4000 PKR. Mostly restaurants nowadays have PKR 1000/person. They charge us this BIG AMOUNT and compromise on quality because what matter is money and not quality or health or life I must say.

May Allah give peace to little angels, Ahmed and Mohammad, health and speedy recovery to their mother and patience to the unfortunate father.