Did Jibran Nasir Create “Issue” Out of Nothing

Every story has two sides. Unfortunately we follow the side towards which we have our inclination. Till yesterday, I was totally in favour of Jibran Nasir and supported him in his efforts of going against the VIP culture.

Jibran Nasir’s Journey From Abey Ooye to Jibran Sahab in Police Station

I was seeing some tweets that stated that Nasir did the drama to seek attention, but I was not ready to even read those.

However today a video caught my attention.

I support Jibran Nasir, but somehow I am also unable to ignore this policeman. Also the way Jibran Nasir is recording his own abduction, he looks more like Sham Idrees than “the social activist” Jibran Nasir.

Jibran Nasir was very popular, no doubt about it. But from yesterday he is the talk of the town. From yesterday he is trending on twitter.

I am not being judgemental. But may be the things are not that smile as we think. I wish Jibran Nasir is as clean as we all think, and as his good deeds.




Photo ofJibran Nasir
Jibran Nasir