Did EXPIRED Meat Take Lives of Two Innocents at Arizona Grill Restaurant?

Two young kids of same family died on Sunday after visiting play area Chunky Monkey and and renowned restaurant Arizona Grill on Saturday, 10th November. The next day, one kid was brought DEAD to the hospital and the other died with 35 minutes after coming for treatment. Their mother was also critical. Food poisoning was told as the reason of death, according to hospital reports. However confirmation is dependent on post mortem report.

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The question was, what created food poisoning? The sweets that kids ate at Chinky Monkey or the dinner they had at Arizona Grill. We are still not hundred percent sure, however yesterday, the Sindh Food Authority raided the restaurant and found expired meat.

According to Dawn News, Abrar Sheikh, the director of operations in Sindh Foord Authority said, “Hundreds of sherbet (squash) bottles that were a year past their expiry dates and around 80kg of rotten meat were found. Three-year-old meat was being served to the customers,”

On other hand, talking to Express Tribune, the manager of Arizona Grill denied the charges by saying, “The images being flashed on the media are of imported meat,” said Sardar Raziq, manager at PECHS branch. “We do not use imported meat. Our steaks are priced between Rs700 and Rs800, while restaurants that use imported meat charge Rs7,000 to Rs8,000 for a steak. It is not viable for us to use imported meat, hence all our meat is locally sourced.”

Reports say that the restaurant was issued notice earlier as well to improve their hygiene conditions.

I feel that is unfortunate of us that in Pakistan, human life is the cheapest thing available in market. Sorry for being harsh, but after this incident, I feel none of us is safe. From Khoota Nihari to dead chicken biryani, from gutter ka paani to gandey naaley k paani se dhuli sabziyaan, are you sure you have taken none of them or all of them?

Here, we are unable to blame previous governments or current government or system or America or Jews. Its US, me and you. We are all dead when it comes to honesty. Whatever caused the death of two minors,  their death has also killed their parents. The restaurant saved money by serving expired meat and other food products, but it killed humanity. It is just one restaurant that is surfaced, we don’t know how many are into this Kaala Dhanda. 

May Allah give patience to the family… and wisdom to the rest of us to EAT AT HOME!