DEPRESSION-A Problem With No Solution Bcz We Don’t Consider It A “Problem” #AnamTanoli

The biggest problem with Pakistani society is, right is only what we think right. If I don’t have depression, depression does not exist. Unfortunately, we don’t have guts of keeping ourselves in shoes of others.

Few days back it was Annie Khan who was found dead in her apartment, and now it is Anam Tanoli. Her family says that she has been facing severe depression due to cyber bullying.

Here the question arises, why cyber bullying? Anam was not the only victim, we have heard many cases of cyber bullying in recent past. With the increasing use of social media, people think they have all the rights to say anything about anyone. There are no limitations of language and decency. People troll celebrities through personal attacks.

Meesha Shafi Deleted all her social media accounts because of Cyber Bullying 

About Anam Manoli I don’t what actually happened to her, what actually made her take such a big step of suicide, but I am sure it would be end of her patience.

I am not defending suicide, but definitely not every person has strong mental state. We never know the situation through which a he/she is going through. Depression is something that makes a person helpless. Same would have happened to Anam.

As a socially responsible public, please try not to cross your limits. No matter what, do not say something about others that you cannot hear about yourself. Your words can make or break a person.

Pakistani celebrities stand in solidarity with Anam Tanoli. Here is what they say…

Armeena Khan


Mawra Hocane

Imran Ashraf

Anam tanoli

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