Ten Deadly Foods We All Love to Eat

Desi Ghiza definitely used to  be our older generation’s treasure. In today’s fast paced life, we sure have found short cuts even in consuming food. We look for meals that are easy and quick to prepare. Hence putting our health on risk in the long run.

Eventually over time, the fast food, the unhealthy diet takes a toll on us. We find ourselves fighting diabetics, high blood pressure, obesity etc. So what are the foods that we need to cut from our lives?

Deadly food that we need to cut down from our lives. 

1. Margarine
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It has always been the butter vs margarine debate. In the past few years research has revealed that butter isn’t as bad as margarine. Margarine is made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, rich in trans fat which is linked to heart disease and cancer. Nutritionists now prefer organic olive oil and coconut oil than margarine. 

2. Fizzy Drinks
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It is a known fact that fizzy drinks are straight out unhealthy and yet we consume it without a second thought. Increased intake of such drinks leads to weak bones, risk of stroke, diabetes and heart attack.

3. Cereals
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Yes you read it right. Cereals are unhealthy. They have sugar and people take it first thing in the morning. Quick and easy, children and adults both find it an easy breakfast. The cereals usually advertise they contain almost all vitamins and nutrients but you  need to make sure that the ingredients are not artificial.

4. Pack of Chips
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Potato chips are everyone’s favourite. But the bad news is that they contain trans fat which is the most dangerous. Crisps or chips are full of salt, fried and contain trans fat. Increased intake of chips on a daily basis leads to weight gain and high cholesterol.

5. Bakery Products
baked products
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Prepacked baked products like biscuits, croissants and cakes contain sugar, hydrogenated oils leading to cancer and heart disease. An alternative could be home baked crackers, or raisin cookies and or even cakes in which you can customize ingredients according to your health.

6. Ice Cream
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Children or adults both love ice cream especially during summers. But all the good stuff turns out to be unhealthy. It is obviously full of fats and sugar which leads to high cholesterol and diabetes.

7. Cheese
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This post seems to be getting darker and darker. Cheese although rich in calcium is also processed and packed. This makes it unhealthy and in the long run could lead to cancer and weight gain. It is usually paired with burgers and other high calorie foods.

8. Red Meat
read meat
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Pakistanis and especially Lahoris cannot imagine not having meat. Meat is hard to digest and it becomes deadly when it fried or processed. On top of consuming meat at restaurants which is usually steaks, fried and processed many people don’t exercise to burn their calories. The combination of eating meat and lack of exercise leads to health issues in old age.

9. Microwave Popcorn
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These should be banned right away. There is a chemical called diacetyl which lines the popcorn bags. When made in the microwave, this chemical is consumed with our favourite snack. The chemical breaks down the layer of cells that protects our brain.

10. Fruit Juice
fruit juice
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Packed juices are bad but even fresh juices are not as healthy as we think they may be. One reason for them being deadly is that they are rich in fructose and then consuming juice of any fruit, the quantity of the fruit and fructose increases which can lead to diabetics and belly fat. It is better to consume fruit infused water instead.

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