Wheat Crops Facing Immense Loss Due to Heavy Rains! BUT Prayers Can Change Destinies…

My mother used to say that in the month of March, farmers keep on watching sky because they stay scared of climate. They spend their whole year working real hard to get best out of their crops. They fix their wedding dates like, Waadiyoon (Katai) k aik maheeney baad or something like that. Their income of whole year is dependent on it. But an unfortunate night changes everything. It rains, it storms and the lives of farmers are gone.

wheat crops

Its been raining cats and dogs from past 2 days. Dust storm is another addition to this unusual weather. Wheat crops have already faced immense loss. However we are told by our Prophet (PBUH) that prayers can change destinies.

Its not a cricket match that make us start offering nafal hajaat … its lives of our farmers and ours too. Rather enjoying this weather, please lets all pray to save our crops. If Allah can bring clouds from nowhere and makes the hottest days coolest, He can bring the sun from nowhere too, and can make the crops dried and safe. All we need is to pray….