Trident Gum, Halal or Haram???

Living in an Islamic country, we believe whatever available in markets, is halal. However reality is different. Many food products available in our super stores are not halal certified. Initially we talked about halal chocolates and sauces used for cooking, and today its very famous trident gum.

Few days back I read in Daily Pakistan  that Trident Gum is not halal certified. However when I did a little research I found out that Daily Pakistan quoted an old message from the company.

However if you see the date, its 2 years back. A most recent message in this regard from Trident Gum Official states that products available in Pakistan ARE Halal Certified.

Trident gum halal

So, you can eat Trident Gum as it is halal certified. However it is recommended to always check the products before eating.