Punjab Police Opened Fire on Car With 2 Men, 2 Women and 3 Children, Saying They Were Kidnappers!

A car was coming from Lahore when the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) opened fire at it near Sahiwal from behind resulting 4 dead, 2 of which were women. A child is also injured. According to police the deceased were kidnappers who didn’t stop the car and started firing. However the survivors who are kids, the eldest is 14 years old, say that the victims were their parents.

Innocent girls who do not look like terrorists from any angle

No weapons were found from the car, in fact the so called terrorists were taking their CNIC along like socially responsible citizens.


The fact that parents were killed in front of their kids is giving chills down the spine. CM Usman Buzdar and PM Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident. We hope that Naya Pakistan will serve the justice.