Pakistani Folk Singer Shot Dead During Performance

The news like these hurt a lot. Unfortunately human life has become the cheapest “commodity” in our surroundings. This singer, Samina Sindhu was shot dead during her performance last night in a village located near Larkana. According to reports, Tariq Jatoi killed her as she refused to dance during performance as she was pregnant.

Her husband Ashiq Ali said, “Samina declined to dance because she was pregnant,” he continued, “Her refusal enraged the accused who killed her.”

Another Youth Murdered for Reasons Unknown

The police was initially not registering the complaint, terming the murder as ‘accident’. Police says that Tariq Jatoi was drunk when he committed the crime.

The suspect is under arrest as the report was lodged on the orders of Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwer Sial, as he took notice of the incident. Also the SHO is suspended for declining registration of complain at first.

May the justice prevail, and power holders stop feeling powerful enough to take lives.