Indian COAS Must Be “Re-Considering” His Words After “This” Message From PakistanšŸ˜†

Hollywood might be famous for its action movies, Bollywood for love stories and Pakistan for its classic humour. Pakistanis have the best talent to make memes, jokes and mimicries.

Pak-Ind tensions are in full swing these days. India is as usual takingĀ pangeyĀ with Pakistan, but this time Pakistan has givenĀ mun toorĀ jawab to India.

In theseĀ seriousĀ tensions, Pakistani team ofĀ Punjagi TooteyĀ has given the best reply to India COAS Bipin Rawat will leave you in fits of laughteršŸ˜…

I am sure if Bipin Rawat listens to it by any chance, he will think about his words again.

Another TV anchor has given India suggestion to build “Toilets” instead of doing “surgical strikes”