Denmark has banned halal slaughter and kosher as the minister says, ‘animal rights come before religion’.
In a report by Independent UK, the government of Denmark has banned the production of kosher and halal meat through animal slaughter. The welfare activists have been campaigning against it since years. The law is implemented from yesterday. The Jewish leaders have called it ‘anti-Semitism” and a non-profit group Danish Halal have expressed its views as, ‘a clear interference in religious freedom’.

The European regulations allow animal slaughter on religious grounds. The animals are supposed to be slaughtered when they are conscious, for being halal for Muslims and kosher for Jews.
To justify this act of Danish government, Dan Jorgensen, minster for food and agriculture said. “animal rights come before religion”.

Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Israel’s deputy minister of religious affairs explained this act as, “European anti-Semitism is showing its true colors across Europe, and is even intensifying in the government institutions”.
Danish Halal has filed a petition against the action by saying, ‘a clear interference in religious freedom limiting the rights of Muslims and Jews to practice their religion in Denmark’
Britain, last year, said that they would never outlaw religious slaughter regardless of the strong pressure from activists groups and RSPCA (National Secular Society).