Google, Intel and Qualcomm Halts Further Business With Huawei

Major blow to Huawei as its major supplier of OS for its devices “Google” suspends further services for Huawei. As the Trump administration put Huawei’s name in the  list of ban countries.  Google, Android, and a variety of applications such as Play Store and Youtube will not be available for Huawei devices.

Intel and Qualcomm also halts their business with the company. This would be a major set back for company’s on going business. This does not mean that all current devices will stop working but in future Google will not send Android updates and security patches to the devices. Furthermore, no new business will take take place until further notice.

As Huawei’s CEO said earlier this that are ready for the contingency plan, that means company is developing its own OS. But this will take time.

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Picture credits: BBC