Gang Extracts Bone Marrow Illegally From Girls in Hafizabad

Police arrested a gang accused of extracting and selling bone marrow from girls and young women in Hafizabad.

According to a 17-year-old victim’s father, members of the gang took bone marrow when they called for a “medical examination” and said it was necessary for them to help the family financially prepare their dowry.

The father said the group approached the family promising to help them prepare the dowry for their daughter.

They agreed willingly, and the group members asked them to sign a form and get a medical checkup for the girl.

His father said the defendant told him he would take a blood sample from his daughter for a medical examination.

He added that when they returned home, his daughter began to feel weak. They then took her to a doctor who told them that bone marrow had been extracted.

Later, the father told the police about the incident and told them where his daughter had been called to do a “blood test”.

Police took action and raided the place in Mahalla Bhawalpara, and the defendants arrested a man and a woman who were said to be part of a gang of four members.

The detainees were transferred to an unknown location for questioning, while the case was being investigated.

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