Crazy Chinese Man Who Sold His Kidney For iPhone and iPad is Confined to Bed

According to reports, in 2011, a man who sold his kidney as a teenager for the purchase of Apple iPads and iPhones in China is now bedridden due to organ failure.

Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he was operated and sold his right kidney on the Black Market. With the money, he bought Apple products.

According to, he had begun to suffer from a reduced renal function shortly after an illegal operation.

“In April 2011, Shangkun sold her kidneys to black-market for $ 4,500 in Australian dollars. He bought an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with funds,” the report said.

In 2012, nine people were imprisoned for organ harvesting case.

He had kidney failure in his second kidney after the removal. The operation is said to be done due to unhealthy conditions.