Asher Azeem “Dhuwan” in Now a Truck Driver in Canada

Dhuwan is a classic of all times. It was my childhood drama but I m sure I am going to cherish it throughout my life, and can watch it anytime. It is always Great to watch this drama.

I am sure most of the viewers became Azher’s fans after watching drama. Naturally we wanted to see him on screen again. So he made a come back with Maalik. It was an excellent movie, but since it showed the real face of Power trends in Pakistan, it faced a lot of controversies. Though I believe it was a HIT.

So I had a view that Asher Azeem will keep on amusing us with his great Purposeful work. However in his recent tweet, he has left all his fans in shock that he is now a truck driver in Canada.

About being there he said,

Another post said,

Dhuwan was released when I was 6 year old child. And now I am 32. In all these years, I have seen Dhuwan countless times, and it has always motivated me. Don’t know why, as even the drama had sad ending. But it always gave me a hope that STILL there are good people alive. There is little ray of hope in so much darkness. However today that hope is shaking. Here, there is no value of originality and hard work.

I wish the talent like Asher Azeem could stay here in Pakistan. And I wish we could have our Police and Qanoon Naafiz Kerney Waaley Idaarey as team of Azher…