Asad Umar has Stepped Down from Finance Ministry!

So the rumours were true! We have been hearing it from many days that Asad Umar is about to leave the ministry of finance may be because of economic crises Pakistan is going through these days. But the rumours were denied .

However today, on 18th April Asad Umar took to twitter to tell the world that he is leaving Imran Khan’s cabinet.

The thing which is very strange and never happened happened in previous government is, Asad Umar has actually left the cabinet. Like our very own Pakistani politicians, he didn’t switch his ministry to stay in government but left it.

Another positive thing. Imran Khan said in his introductory speech that whoever does not successfully perform his duties, will have to leave the cabinet, and he has proved it today.

Together we will the prosperous Pakistan inshAllah…