Ali Zafar Breaks into Tears While Talking About Allegations He’s Facing Because of Meesha Shafi

Its been almost a year we have been hearing about the whole mess between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar. Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassment, Ali Zafar denied and filed defamation case against Ali Zafar. Many actors jumped in, in support of either Ali or Meesha. Ali Zafar says that court has cleared Ali Zafar, however Meesha Shafi’s lawyer says that its not true.

People tried to Boycott Teefa in Trouble as well while protesting; Ali Zafar sharam Karo! 

Who is right and who is wrong, we still don’t know. Both are celebrities with great fan following, both come from very good families, both are married with kids, apparently both didn’t need publicity stunt. But obviously one is right and one is wrong. Recently Ali Zafar broke into tears because of the misery he and his family is going through because of all this…