A Pakistani Naeem Rashid Sacrificed His Life to Stop the Terrorist in ChristChurch Mosque

Have you ever come across a person who rush to the death to save others? Yes all muslims have. I am a muslim myself but I so cannot figure out the passion with which we muslims do it. Recently in the inhumane “terrorist attack” in a mosque in NewZealand, a great man from Abottabad Pakistan Naeem Rashid tried to stop the shooter and was martyred. He must have known that he will die, he must have thought about his family, even then he did not stop. His son Talha also died in this terrorist attack. May Allah bless the family with patience.

With wet eyes, I am loving my Allah more than before as He has put more attraction in death than life…

Stay in peace Muslims… We all here for each other…

Here’s what Naeem’s friend say about him

christ church christ church

And here is what our very dear Jeremy McLellan says,

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