The Curious Case of Woman Harassment In Pattoki

Pakistan Muslim League (N) held a huge jalsa in the city of Pattoki on Tuesday. The jalsa got television coverage more for the harassment incident that took place than the purpose of jalsa itself.

Is that good or bad? There was a jalsa we all got to learn that, so it seems like a win win situation for all: ignorant non political people like myself, PML N, woman in concern and the news channels. 

All evening yesterday, the news channels showed the clip of the woman who found herself a victim of harassment at the party’s gathering. Hailing from Kasur, the woman is a member of the PML-N women’s wing and has been part of almost all political gatherings.

The woman maintained that the men harassing her could never be from PML N party, calling their act ‘shameful.’ She added that “our brothers from PML N cannot do this sort of a thing.”

From the clips being repeatedly shown on the local channels one could clearly see that the woman did get a lot of pushes which also resulted in her elbow bleeding.

In reaction to the incident gaining quite a bit of coverage, Maryam Nawaz jumped onto twitter to make her presence known, lest we forget about her.

She tweeted and saved our lives.

via Twitter
via Twitter

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah also showed his concern but also mentioned exactly where women harassment started in the first place – PTI jalsas. No one before that even thought about harassing people at gatherings. Makes a lot of sense – someone, somewhere has to start a trend and harassment happens to be one such trend.

Our take from the incident

The woman got limelight for all the right reasons.

We learned where the the idea of harassment started first in Pakistan: PTI jalsas.

News channels had a field day by giving this incident more coverage than their razzai/ blanket gives them in winters.

We know the ethos of PML N for a 100th time now. But we do not know what ‘ethos’ mean.