Col Sohail Embraced Shahadat On First Of Ramadan

During a military operation in Balochistan, Col Sohail Abid of Military Intelligence embraced shahadat. Wanted terrorists of Lashar-e-Jhangwi were killed in the operation.

On early morning Thursday, the operation was conducted in the Killi Almas area of Balochistan.

Interservice Public Relations said, “Security Forces conducted an IBO [intelligence-based operation] in Killi Almas, Balochistan on pointation from apprehended HVT [high-value target] about [the] presence of suicide bombers along with other terrorists in hideouts,”

ISPR further added, “During intense exchange of fire Colonel Sohail Abid of Military Intelligence embraced shahdat while 4 soldiers got injured including 2 critical,”

Major Ishaq Embraced Shahadat in Terrorist Operation 

Father of Shaheed Col Sohail Abid said that he is proud if his son. The brother said, “Due to the sacrifice of my brother, my country’s, my district’s and my family’s head is being held high. I am extremely proud of my brother.”

Many of us, in fact most of us have no connection with army, means we do not have our brother, father, husband etc in army, or has embraced martyrdom. Still I believe we all Pakistanis can feel the pain of Shaheed’s family.

On this note, when our politicians criticise our Pak Army, sometimes by saying them Khilai Makhlooq, it actually boils our blood.

May Allah gives peace to our beloved country.