The Clash of Logic

Does it ever happen to you that you want to say or explain someone something but he understands in another way? Or your words or thoughts are taken a twist of 360 degrees to what you actually mean to say? If you intend to say south, other takes it north. If you are saying its morning, other will hear or perceive it as evening. Normally, It happens with almost everybody because of the clash of logic.

Clashing logic is usually a source of disagreements and conflicts, leading to introduce discomfort at both ends. Either in the case of receiver or sender. And this could happen both in personal settings as well as in professional settings. The burning example of the clash of governance logic is going on between 45th U.S. President Donald Trump and the reactions of the rest of the world on an issue of Jerusalem. The clash of logic could also arise between a researcher and a marketer of the same organization. It might be because everyone has his own frame of reference. Things or products as seen by a researcher is totally different from how a marketer perceives it. This difference of opinion also prevails in the everyday personal setting of father and son, mother-daughter conversation, a talk between brother-sister, or maintaining relationships with in-laws.

It is indeed a subjective and tough decision to come to a single consensus. Sometimes it is manager’s or man’s own EGO which is in danger by compromising his own thoughts. Or sometimes, it has to be in that way in the interest of masses. But to me, the key is effective communication. Don’t hesitate to argue or discuss. But argue with logic and grace. Find reasoning and connection. Study the past happenings and take lessons from it. In this way, you might win the clash of logic.

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Good luck in your battle of exchanging logic! We would love to hear if you ever stuck in such situation, its context and which tactics you undertook to come out of it.