Would CJP take Suo Motu Action?#JusticeforZainab

Regardless of your gender, socio-economy group, demography, mindset, the tragedy happened to Zainab is chilling every drop of blood in body. The innocent girl was on her way to tuition when the incident took place. She was a minor, she was helpless, she would have screamed, cried for help, but those wolves wouldn’t have sense of hearing, or I doubt about any sense they’d have.

Such incidents are becoming more and more frequent. Someone highlights the issue, police raid the area, find the victims (alive or dead), CM takes the notice, politicians express their sadness, the pain envelopes social media, and then.. complete silence. Another incident followed by another like a chain. Mostly the culprits have links with the influential, and the matter gets erased from the pages of accountability. However it always stays in the hearts of those who feel the pain.

We heard about Kasur Child Abuse case that came to forefront when the area residents came out on streets as around 300 children were abused and police failed to do anything significant in response to number of FIRs lodged against the culprits. Its routine for us to cry for a few days and then forget.

However there are examples in the world that suggest solutions to such issues. Like Iran did. It publicly hanged the pedophile. It hanged him publicly so that other get the lesson, and nobody dares to touch the innocent flowers.


justice for zainab

Thus it is a request with heavy heart from Chief Justice Of Pakistan to take Suo Motto action for Zainab, to save all those Zainabs who may become target for such psychopaths. We are grateful to CJP for taking actions on different things like packaged milk, unsafe drinking water etc. But this matter is most important. Its about our children, our existence.

I wish parents come home with gifts in their hands, and smile on the faces of their children. No parent should go through the trauma from which Zainab’s parents must be passing through…