Mesmerising Mornings & Sweet Voice of Chirping Birds

Thinking deeply about my thesis work which is due in coming months, I suddenly heard the chirping of birds. I immediately looked at the clock and OMG! it is already 4:17 am. I took a nap at night for a couple of hours and need more sleep to remain active the whole day concentrating on the thesis, home chores and dealing with two restless and highly energetic kids. Anyways, what triggered me to shut my university work and write something at this point in time is that particular sweet voice of chirping birds.

I stood up the moment I heard that melodious voice and went to my balcony to see how it looks outside. It seems that people are still enjoying sleep. There is already an indication of early morning, as the sky is in the transition phase to change its color from black to blue. At this peaceful time with no human interaction around, I am trying to figure out what birds are communicating.

chirping birds
Courtesy: Sana Younas

While sitting in their own nests, are they praising Allah who blesses them another morning to see, or are they complaining something? Yelling at kids maybe, but for what? Are they not taking their breakfast or getting late from school? Are they complaining their neighbor birds about the current political scenario? Or talking about the beautiful spring which is just around the corner? There could be so much, which I cannot even imagine. But all these thoughts are coming to my mind as I am continuously hearing them in the background. At this point in time, I really wish I could understand birds’ language. So that, I can communicate with them. They might be seeking help, so I can help or heal them.

It is 4:53 am and there is no such voice in my background anymore. I am thinking that what a blessing God has made even in the form of early mornings!

chirping birds

I tried to capture video to freeze my time. And to overlook again and again to observe tranquility and Allah’s blessings.