This Girl from Syria has a Message for Me and You

While we are sleeping in our comfortable beds, enjoying pop corns with movies, playing and supporting cricket, busy in shopping, enjoying PEACE, this girl from Syria are calling me and you to help them. When we our enjoying the naughtiness of our kids, the kids of Syria are begging for only enjoying their breathing. This girl from Syria is calling us to save them from bombs, she is crying for her loved ones who are being butchered for… What?

These little souls have done no harm to humanity. This video of this Ghouta girl is going to leave you in tears.

She is not asking for toys or toffees or chocolates or jewels, she is asking for security. Only security. I wish we, the whole Muslim nation which is great in numbers but Zero in power can do something for her. I wish any one of us could assure her that things will go fine and you will sleep in peace tonight. I wish someone could wipe her tears and hug her and tell her that yes you have lost your father but nothing would happen to anyone else, everyone in Ghouta will be saved.. I wish…

I am dreaming about the Muslims who were powerful. Who were ready to fight for their rights, for peace, to save others from cruelty. Who were the torchbearers of humanity. Those were the people for whom Iqbal said

دشت تو دشت صحرا بھی نہ چھوڑے ھم نے

بحر ظلمات ميں دوڑا دئے گھوڑے ھم نے

Until or unless we become those again, I doubt we have any survival. It looks like Muslims have to die either in Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Kashmir or Ghouta. Its high time we are blaming others for our failure. Lets wake up and become the ummat-e-muslimah in true sense. We don’t need worldly powers, we only need Momins.

May Allah bind all Muslims together and give peace to people of Syria.

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