Four Challenges You Face Being The Eldest Sibling

Being the no. 1 sibling or the last is out of one’s control and scope. So, whatever your number is, you have to cope up with the situations and roles it brings to you. The perks and challenges I identified being the eldest are as follow:

1. My world, My rules   

Eldest sibling
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From game rules to study progress, from life routines to eating habits, choosing friends or clothes, each and everything is governed by your eldest sibling. After all, it is my world, my rules. Most often, the eldest sibling becomes the role model for the rest of younger siblings.

2. Imposing Personality

Eldest sibling
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As he/she is the eldest in the home after parents, so naturally he can take the position of your father/mother. And hence, impose things on you. He has an authority to give you orders which are necessary to obey or else be prepared for the consequences.

3. Brand New Accessories

Eldest sibling
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The rights of all 1st hand things would be definitely given to the eldest. He is given privilege in this regard too. And being younger, you are forced to reuse his already used things. And sadly, its range is wide. From the school uniform to books, from clothes to shoes, you are bound to accept everything. Sometimes, you have to study the same subjects in the same high school just to reutilize the things which are already waiting for you. What a pity!


Eldest sibling
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The only downside being the eldest is the responsibility. It happens that the eldest sibling is criticized more often than required. “wo to chota/choti hai, tum hi kuch akal krlo” is the most frequent statement a Pakistani eldest hears from their parents.

That’s my reflection. I would like to know what are your observations and experiences relating to this serious and fundamental sibling issue?