Challenge Yourself

Allah made women with great ability. She can do wonders but it depends on her will. She is truly a multitasking person. Just what is required for her to flourish, is family support and dedication. I encourage all women to challenge yourself. If one can do, you can also do. If one is excelling in one field, you can also, in another field or task. Just be motivated and you will definitely get success.

There is a talk going on women empowerment since ages. Generations after generations working hard on women rights. But I am of a view that ladies should try to make or keep tracks in the available resources or circumstances. I believe every person and particularly every woman has something unique in it. Need is to explore and polish it.

I see women in overseas are doing whatever they want to do. They are driving buses and trains and working in the police department. They are saleswomen, postwomen, in restaurants, working in recycling centers, doing businesses, and indulge themselves in cleaning jobs. No one looks at them with any shame. I can understand that there some social boundaries in our culture. A woman is not expected to do many tasks which foreign ladies can do. But that doesn’t mean that ladies in Pakistan are not talented or can’t do anything.

Trends are changing significantly. And now, we can visibly see a difference in the number of working women in Pakistan. It is either from office or from home. It is quite hard to start things from scratch, but if you manage to have enough courage to start one thing, it seems that things started to become easy and ways to do things are becoming clear.

Failure Should Be An Option

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Learn to excel

Don’t be afraid of failure. It is a part of life and it also surely gives so many lessons and experiences to improve. But what is mandatory to come out of comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you get success, it’s a reward for you. But if you fail, don’t lose hope. It surely will open new horizons. Try something else. You will live until the time you breathe, and so, there is time for you to do something till then.