By:Sana Usman-January 16, 2019Last night around 1 am panic spread all around social media that US dollar has fallen to 75.26 Pakis
Samsung M Series
By:Usman Ahmad-January 14, 2019Anxious to take on the challenge of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Samsung is planning to launch
Huawei P30 Pro
By:Usman Ahmad-December 14, 2018Huawei always tries to keep ahead itself from its competitors. In a recent revelation by techster Ic
By:Usman Ahmad-December 10, 2018Earlier thus year, Samsung and Sony announced 48 megapixel sensors fo their upcoming smartphones. Th
kids using gadgets
By:Sana Usman-September 24, 2018I have always hated excessive use of gadgets, both by adults and kids. Adult usage was not much of m
apple launch event
By:Usman Ahmad-September 12, 2018So, here is the time for Apple to launch new models for it's famous iPhone. We all expect when Tim C