phone charging in natural environment
By:Maira Zeeshan-December 1, 2017How we are adding to global carbon footprint, whenever we intend to call, text or look for updates o
PlanX logo
By:Sana Younas-December 1, 2017What is PlanX? The Pakistani startup community has experienced the major growth over the past few y
people holding samsung phones
By:Sana Usman-November 27, 2017Breaking its tradition, it is the first time the South Korean Company, Samsung has somehow gave a li
By:Usman Ahmad-November 13, 2017Logoitech is digital media agency that specializes in custom branding, logo and stationery designing
By:Sana Usman-November 8, 2017In the world of IT, so far we have witnessed rivalries between Digital and IBM, Mac and Windows, App
By:Usman Ahmad-November 6, 2017Rivalry of Apple and Samsung is not new, it basically started when Apple sued Samsung for copying it