By:Usman Ahmad-November 6, 2017A renowned batsman of Pakistan team Imran Nazir has not been playing cricket from 3 years. He left c
By:Sana Usman-November 6, 2017FREEDOM FIGHTERS are the ones who fought the 1857 war for independence against British. Freedom figh
By:Mubeshra Pracha-November 5, 2017We all desire to be rich and famous. Some people make it happen. What names come to mind? Bill Gates
By:Usman Ahmad-November 5, 2017Journalists are the vocals of general public. The public trusts them for all their ideologies. In su
By:Mubeshra Pracha-November 4, 2017Science reveals to us the mysteries that lie around us and also within us. Nature and we as part of
By:Mubeshra Pracha-November 2, 2017The famous The Wire actor Idris Elba took a group selfie with the top footballers of the world. Havi