Hair Transplant can be Worst like Sajid Hassan’s Hair Transplant

Sajid Hassan’s Hair Transplant: Cosmetic surgery is the latest trend of the town. It is a surgical procedure one goes through for a better appearance. Abdominoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Mammoplasty, Hair transplants and Lip enhancement are the most popular surgical procedures performed throughout the world. Millions of these surgeries are carried out but they can prove to be disastrous at times.

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Sajid Hassan’s Hair Transplant Gone Horribly Wrong:

Recently a senior actor and popular artist of Pakistani Drama Industry, Sajid Hassan went through a Hair Transplant which went horribly wrong. According to him the doctor who was carrying out this procedure proved to be very non- professional. He did not do any medical and blood tests needed before surgery. Sajid Hassan says he went through severe skin infections because of the unsuccessful transplant procedure. He also suffered from high fever and unconsciousness for fifteen days after the transplant. The doctor kept on saying that everything is under control which was obviously not.

So everyone, please be very careful and vigilant in considering the doctors for these procedures or else you can suffer terribly!

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