Career Mistakes You Should Avoid

Following are a few tips by Andrew Ferebee, CEO of Knowledge for Men, who shares the golden rules to adopt to avoid career mistakes most people fall into.

Family’s advice

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Your parents know the best for you. No doubt about that especially in our culture, where parents finance for our university education as well. However, there are certain things that despite their experience of the world, cannot be right.

Watch out for yourself, analyse your own aptitude, where your interest lies and decide on that job/career.

The delusion of money

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Money plays a vital role into why we begin to work in the first place. For majority of the people, financial stability is all that matters. Only a few people can have the luxury of doing a job, where money is not their priority.

Despite the money’s importance in your life, try not to get sucked into a job that kills you but also gives you money at the end of the day. It is not worth it to give up your life to earn a few more bucks.

Doing what you Love isn’t enough

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We have often heard that do what you love. But sometimes doing only what you love does not bring you joy. It may be causing you constant stress.

Look into what you love, and are really passionate about. Can you really get a job for that? Can you actually make a career decision based on what you are passionate about? In 5 or 10 years time, will your decision make you or break you. Ponder over these and take a job accordingly.

Self reflect, focus on personal growth

Over time your day job will turn out to be day and time job. There will be late sittings especially if your workplace does not believe in work life balance.

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The day you start your job, the day you open your business, set a standard. You have to set a certain limit to how much you are going to work. We are not robots. We need to constantly give time to ourselves. Unfortunately in this rat race we often give in. We neglect our personal growth.

Standing up for yourself

This is connected to the point above. In life you have to stand up for yourself. If your workplace is not taking you up, you need to review your career choice.

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If you are giving all to your company, generating them big revenues but not getting anything in return, then it is not worth it.

A pay raise, a promotion is something you deserve. Slavery is done for.

Develop a Niche

A jack of all trades is not what you want to do. You need to have a niche of your own. You need to look at the bigger picture and master one thing.

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Look around you, all the big names have some specific craft the have mastered.

Read up on the success stories of businesses that are doing big now. There is definitely going to be some inspiration for you in there.

Networking is the real deal

You never know when someone will change your life forever.

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It is the time to network. You can only grow if you network, increase your contacts. According to Andrew Ferebee, you should try to meet 3 new people through seminars and meetups. This will broaden your perspective and also give you a change to network with new people.

Networking is key.

Remember we are social animals after all !

Developing your own brand

You have a job or a business of your own, it is the time to develop your name into a brand.

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Develop your own website, blog or linkedIn page. These days people influence people not just in their circles but people sitting miles away in another continent.

Today’s world of internet demands that you reach out to maximum people, keep up with the world of blogging, website etc.

People are earning good money through various social media platforms. Something that was not imaginable a few years ago. Today people have become motivational speakers and influencers through blogs and videos.

Not investing in yourself

A great career does not mean spending late hours behind your computer screens. It means constantly growing yourself. Invest in your self is the new phrase, the new mantra.

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Attend seminars, workshops, seek a mentor in your field to build on your productivity.

Career is life

At a new job we are all trying to be efficient. We are ready give our all to make a place in the new work environment. Eventually this takes over our lives. Career becomes life and this is dangerous. We have a career because of a life not the other way round.

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Do not make career your life. Your life means your own self, your family, your travels, hobbies, health. Do not make your job or your career the nucleus of your life. 



This article originally appeared on Quora.