Careem Users Alert! A Major Security Breach: Private Data Leaked

Careem having launched their service in Pakistan in 2016, now finds itself in the midst of a major security breach. This cyber security hacking incident  is a threat to the data and privacy of  their users and captains.

The service warned their users about the hacking incident, detailing that those who signed up before January 14, 2018 are affected by this.

What does this breach mean?

Customers’ names, phone numbers, trip history of pick and drop, email addresses all are under stake due to this hacking incident. This breach has put privacy of the users in the hands of the hackers.


But there is some good news too. The passwords and credit card details of the Careem users are kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server that is out of reach for the hackers.

Who are the hackers?


The ride hailing service has suggested that their clients should take some steps to further keep their information and data safe. 

Password should be a good mix of characters and numbers. Avoid using the same password for multiple sites. 

Users should refrain from giving out personal information if they receive any message from Careem. 

Since the system is hacked, the users should remain vigilant and avoid clicking on unknown emails, attachments etc. 

People are also advised to keep a tab on their credit card statements, and bank accounts to avoid any major money related problems. 

What is Careem doing now?

Careem has assured their users that their internal security team contacted and started work with a leading cyber security experts group to investigate the hacking and who is behind it. They are working on further building a stronger security system.

Enhanced monitoring system to quickly detect any security breaches is being introduced.  Protecting the  data and private information has been Careem’s priority since the incident happened. They are keeping a close eye for any fraud cases or information misuse related to the hacking incident. The repercussions could be serious for anyone using the service which includes people from all walks of life.

In 2016, Uber faced a similar security breach that led to hackers stealing the personal data of around 57 million customers. The company had interestingly kept this breach to themselves, keeping their users and captains in the dark.

Careem Driver Killed in Rawalpindi 

While all the private information like names, phone numbers, email addresses, drivers’ license numbers were leaked, Uber claims that trip history data remained safe.

Lets hope that the hackers are soon caught and action is taken to avoid such incidents in the future that can put a large of people’s lives at risk!