Careem has Come Up With This KIND of Advertisement & We’re Criticising it For Very Genuine Reasons

The think tank behind Careem’s marketing has always inspired me, Be it elections or be it social awareness. They have always successfully advertised the product along with a long lasting impression.

However the recent advertisement is far below the ethical limitation


I can very well understand that as per the needs of advertisements, the ad should have a long lasting impact of the ad that the viewer should never forget. However sometimes the ethically unsound advertisements even leave a bad impact of product on the minds of consumers and offend them to use the product again.

So far, the trends show that people are NOT liking this recent ad from Careem.

#Careem coming on Number 3;


Here is what people think about this ad;

Instant Action! Unistall Careem App!

Shame on YOU! Thats what People say…

Imran Khan Entry

Someone teach Careem the Cultural Norms!

Direct Attack on Media Managers!

Thats Sad 😪

From absolutely nowhere, Maryam Nawaz has entered the ad campaign. Some people are condemning it and some are making fun of it

Thats the top trend! #MaryamNawazQadamBarhao


Its not the matter that who supports who, bringing someone’s character in to sell your product is so inappropriate!