Careem First Female Driver KILLED by Her Husband

This year 1st May began with a sad news from KPK Peshawar where a husband murdered his own wife who was the first female driver of ride hailing service Careem.

The husband tried to show the killing as a burglary attempt, but investigations made the accused caught by the police.

Nabeel Amber, the deceased, married the convict five months ago. It was her second marriage. Nabeel Amber was a mother of three kids.

The husband confessed to killing, and the weapon was also recovered from his possession.

Careem Driver Murdered in Rawalpindi 

On interrogation, Abdul Basit said the prime reason of killing his wife was the frequent visits of her mail friends at their home.

However the KP police says that the deceased was given a house by her husband Abdul Basit as Haq Mehr. Abdul Basit wanted that house back.

Nabeel Amber left her three kids behind. She might be earning to give them a better life. Her dreams about the kids were buried along with her.

Honour killing is the easiest escape for sick minded people of our society. However we can see the time is changing, and this reason is not considered enough for barbarism anymore.