HUM Bridal Couture week 2017 finale is observed with the phenomenal concept of raising voice against a well grown social issue of child marriages. The theme was The BRIDAL UNIFORM, where a schoolgirl dressed in a school uniform concluded the show. Her school uniform was not an ordinary one, but with bridal trappings, like borders, work, and jewelry.

Bridal Uniform

UN Women Collaboration

The United Nations Women (UN Women) collaborated with Ali Xeeshan, a renowned Pakistani Fashion Designer, to come forward and do some exceptional work to highlight this particular issue. In a press release, Jamshed Kazi, a country representative for UN Women Pakistan said,

“It’s astounding how women aren’t allowed to drive or vote before the age of 18 and at the same time, they are forced into this lifelong commitment way before they reach at that age.”

Ali Xeeshan ‘s Contribution

Bridal Uniform

Ali Xeeshan uses such high scaled platforms not only for portraying his collection but to highlight society’s dilemmas too.  Most noteworthy was his last year bridal theme which was named KHAMOSHI depicted in the Grand Finale of PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2016. It raised the issue of forced marriages and imprisonment and was portrayed with a help of a padlock and stuffed monkey toy.

Bridal Uniform

Bridal Uniform

Ali Xeeshan always amazes his fans and followers by his creative work and intelligent use of opportunities. He believes in pushing the boundaries of conventional design and thought. He twists the orthodox and gives masses a reason to think. On his recent work, he tweeted:

Don’t let a little girl trade her school uniform for a Bridal outfit!

I will continue changing the meaning of fashion for the better. I hope you will too. You can start by signing this petition and raising your voice against child marriage.

Furthermore, Pakistani celebrities have also joined hands with UN Women Pakistan for this cause.

Bridal Uniform

Bridal Uniform

Will you stand with them? You can also sign the petition by visiting





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    High time to raise a voice against early marriage.