Breakfast At Aylanto

The food scene is on in Lahore, there are so many new and amazing eateries opening up.  There are unlimited options, however, Lahore still lacks good breakfast places. The dilemma of choosing a good place for breakfast faced us yesterday. Although, our first choice was Chayei Khana, we had to go to Aylanto as it was not opened at 8am.

Aylanto is known for its amazing ambiance and amicable service.  My personal experience over there has always been pleasant if not exceptional.  I ordered a grilled Panini and mint margarita.

I enjoyed the sandwich but the margarita was not even drinkable. We had to literally send back the drink.  The margarita tasted like plain water with some traces of chunky mint (not even properly grinded).  Mint margarita is not a drink that can be termed as something difficult to make, its even easily replicated in our households.  Needless to say, Aylanto, disappointed a party of four. I hope they look into it and make sure that they are serving edible food/drinks in all parts of the day.