These Beautiful Clicks Will Tempt You to Perform Hajj Next Year!

Hajj or Allah ka Ghar is something we all want to do/see. Personally I feel its not about being religious or not, the feelings are out of this world. People cry for going there. You might have witnessed a poor man or woman crying to see Khana-e-Kaaba. Or someone spent his whole jama poonji to go for Hajj or Umra. 

I would say the place is magical. I haven’t come cross anyone by now who can completely define the charisma of Khana-e-Kaaba. Its the love maybe that Allah has naturally put in our hearts.  People experience hardships of Mina and Arafat during hajj. Its not an easy pillar of Islam. Yet many people including me pray day and night to be honoured to have this experience.

There is a collection of pictures from Hajj, which indeed a treat to watch for every muslim.


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May Allah listens to every heart, and make us His guests :).