Muhammad Amir
By:Zainab Rizwan-December 23, 2020 The Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed that Muhammad Amir(cricketer) has retired from internat
Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul train
By:Zainab Rizwan-December 23, 2020It has been decided that the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul(ITI) freight train will resume operations in&
Dalgona Coffee
By:Zainab Rizwan-December 7, 2020Cold coffee…The words themselves are enough to refresh ones mind. Just thinking about it makes you
By:Zainab Rizwan-April 9, 2020By Zainab Rizwan   Are you depressed, stressed, worried?... or perhaps bored? Analyzin
why hijab is important
By:Zainab Rizwan-October 14, 2019 By Zainab Rizwan   Is hijab necessary?This is a debate which is bo
american garden halal
By:Zainab Rizwan-July 29, 2019By Zainab Rizwan   Are you Muslim?Do you like American Garden products? Well there is go