By:Sana Usman-November 6, 2017FREEDOM FIGHTERS are the ones who fought the 1857 war for independence against British. Freedom figh
By:Sana Usman-November 4, 2017For losing weight we keep on searching from one diet plan to another. However there is another appro
By:Sana Usman-November 2, 2017Education is expensive, medical is unapproachable, bread is a treat and clean water is a dream Ou
By:Sana Usman-November 1, 2017After Amazon’s third quarter earnings report Jeff Bezos has once again ascended his throne as the
By:Sana Usman-October 31, 2017Most of us have been following the story of ‘harassment’ of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's sister. The
By:Sana Usman-October 31, 2017Somehow or other, most of us face weight problems throughout the life span. However it a matter of f