how to beat winter blues
By:Maira Zeeshan-November 6, 2019Time to get motivated to stay active and healthy with little tips/reasons to follow in winter, when
By:Maira Zeeshan-January 6, 2018Few years back, after arriving friendless and lonely from Denmark to live in Pakistan and seek happi
Sal khan of khan academy
By:Maira Zeeshan-December 21, 2017We all know Salman Khan the actor, but do we know world famous Salman Khan? Salman Amin Khan, a
eggs in fridge
By:Maira Zeeshan-December 15, 2017We all have stored eggs in refrigerator. In fact growing up by seeing that eggs were the item  alwa
phone charging in natural environment
By:Maira Zeeshan-December 1, 2017How we are adding to global carbon footprint, whenever we intend to call, text or look for updates o
By:Maira Zeeshan-November 12, 2017Change your attitude and you change your life. You cannot control what happens to you in your life,